the waiting room (2005) - George Harris
a work in progress statement for involvement

A work that I have developed out of a combination of a feeling left after a theft from my house in January 04, as well as using ideas from an unseen project, that I began at University called ‘A Question of Absence’, which dealt with a death in the family.

I felt that the new series should incorporate images of the home, but concentrating on the living room areas. In starting this work now, and re-evaluating issues that are personal to me, through displaying samples in this very public medium, I wished to gain an insight and knowledge of others experiences through dialogue and interaction. Looking to incorporate aspects of this within and around the intended final work.

As a disclaimer I intend not to directly plagarise anyones idea or publicise personal details, but to reflect genuine experiences. So far this has not worked out. As the project now stands I am now exhibitiing a form of 'The Waiting Room' as a series of 13 photographs reflecting on the living room being a theatre of uncertainty; using a space normally seen as a place of comfort and safety. I initially approached estate agents about locations with the intention of looking for properties that were either recently vacated or are about to be sold. I see the continuation of the project within possibilities of installation, sound or texts that depict various living rooms as an exclamation or question mark on a state of absence and experience. Within this work as it stands I am still looking to include aspects of dialogue as an evolving body of work.

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