georgeharrisphoto storey board project


Painted boards scratched out using one nail and sometimes using spontanious thought within the process... Either copies of photographs or sketches as well as direct responses to urban landscape and space. Three at top examples of painted scratch boards, the rest are converted original sketches...

All incorporating abstracted texts that reflect a world between the sci-fi; the 1950s spy / detective , facts / fictions and self analysis.

Back to basics project that I wanted to undertake, that took me away from using the camera. Beginning from a number of sketches I made whilst at work and walking in the city. I have completed a few more and intend to form a series which will develop into a film or other narrative device.

For the recent NoParking exhibition I also created a soundtrack for the above works through splicing a reel to reel tape loop recorded from dvd and dictaphone.

mp3 example...


The Other Place




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